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Dental laboratory

Laboratorium  Protetyczne INDEXMEDICA Dental Clinic has its own prosthetic laboratory which is equipped with the newest devices. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who participate in advanced trainings in Poland and abroad on a regular basis. We use only state-of-the-art materials and instruments. Thanks to this, highly qualified staff and advanced technologies prosthetic restorations are made within the shortest possible time and with the highest quality. Prosthetic laboratory INDEXMEDICA manufactures all kinds of modern prosthetic restorations: metal-ceramic crowns/bridges, titanium-ceramic crowns/bridges, gold-ceramic crowns/bridges, full-ceramic crowns/bridges (completely without metal) made of zirconoxide, also composite and ceramic inlays, overlays and veneers, individual radix posts, retaining elements for dentures (precise attachments, bolts), acrylic dentures, classic frame dentures, frame dentures on precise attachments as well as all sorts of implant-supported restorations. We offer the possibility to visit the dental laboratory where the technician together with the dentist chooses the best teeth colour. On request we make an individual characterization of prosthetic crowns or bridges (some artificial discolourations and cracks). Thanks to this, ready prosthetic restorations cannot be in principle distinguished from natural teeth. Laboratorium  Protetyczne

Engineer Adam Majewski

Inżynier Adam Majewski

He has been employed at Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University since 17 years. He has run his own prosthetic laboratory since 15 years. He has graduated from Medical College in Krakow and Academy of Dental Engineering in Ustron, Poland. He has taken part in numerous trainings abroad a.o. in Germany, Austria and Lichtenstein, which included a wide range of topics like e.g. ceramics and dental implantology. He runs classess with students at Collegium Medicum at Jagiellonian University. He leads a team of 6 highly qualified dental technicians. The staff of this prosthetic laboratory specialises in various kinds of prosthetic restorations, especially in metal-ceramic and full-ceramic as well as in CAD-CAM zirconoxide restorations.


INDEXMEDICA Dental Prosthetic Laboratory

Laboratorium ProtetyczneLaboratorium ProtetyczneLaboratorium Protetyczne
Laboratorium Protetyczne Laboratorium Protetyczne Laboratorium Protetyczne
Laboratorium Protetyczne Laboratorium Protetyczne Laboratorium Protetyczne
Laboratorium Protetyczne Laboratorium Protetyczne Laboratorium Protetyczne

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