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  • Individual care
  • Team of specialists
  • All fields of dentistry
  • The newest techniques and materials
  • Standardization of procedures

Individual care and treatment plan

To ensure the highest treatment quality in our clinic, each of our patients has his own personal dentist, who cares for the oral health state. The personal dentist, after examining the patient and consulting with other specialists, creates a treatment plan, which depends on the patient's health state and his aesthetic expectations. It is a rule, that we always offer several treatment options which differ from one another, when it comes to the aesthetics, durability, length of treatment and costs. The patient, after acquainting with the treatment plan, makes a decision on the treatment option.

Team of specialists

Our most important priority is the health state of our patients, that's why individual stages of treatment are carried out by specialists in a given field of dentistry and under supervision of the personal dentist. There is a great deal of progress in modern treatment techniques and dental materials. Our team, which takes care of our patients, is a group of specialists in given fields of dentistry who continuously perfect their skills and attend specialist trainings.

Standardization of procedures

Additionally, we introduced the standardization of therapy procedures within the given specialty. What does it mean for our patients? It means that e.g. regardless of the fact which endodontist will carry out the procedure, always the newest techniques and the best materials will be used. Thanks to such organization of work our patients can be sure, that they always receive the highest level of medical services.

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