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Canal root treatment

  • Microendodontic and microsurgical treatment with dental microscope
  • The newest techniques and materials
  • One visit treatment
  • Endodontic retreatment
  • Removing of broken instruments and foreign bodies from the root canals
  • Restoration of patency of root canals with ultrasounds
  • Closure of perforation
  • Endodontic microsurgery

Significance of canal root treatment

This is a very important and difficult field of dentistry, because without a good canal treatment (endodontic treatment) it is not possible to have any prosthetic work done on a nonvital tooth. An inexact or wrong treatment almost always ends up in a chronic inflammatory state of the bone in the area around the root apex. This causes a cyst and, in case of superinfection of such alteration, an abscess or purulent fistula. Chronic inflammatory lesions of the bone become a dangerous source of illnesses like e.g. rheumatoid joint inflammation, glomerulonephritis, endocarditis, valvulitis or optic neuritis.

Devices and materials for the canal root treatment

endodoncja In this demanding and complicated field of dentistry, there is no place for compromises. To secure the highest level of endodontic treatment for our patients, we use the newest technical achievements. We use operating magnifying glass with LED self-illumination for complicated cases. Thanks to the high-end optic devices we have the possibility to introduce a completely new quality of endodontic treatment. Beside the optical instruments, we use also electronic devices, among others to measure the root canal length (Pro-Pex, Dentsply, USA). For processing of the root canals we use computer-controlled rotating instruments made by the German company VDW: Endo IT Professional and Mtwo. When filling the root canals, we use the method of vertical condensation of liquid warm Gutta-percha with resin sealer ( Bee-Fill and Endo-Twinn systems - VDW). Broken instruments are removed and occluded root canals are made patent with an ultrasonic system made by the Italian company Mectron. All this is usually done in one, maximum in two visits.

Dental microscope

In November 2007 our clinic bought the newest dental microscope Global� (USA). This device enables microsurgical procedures (e.g.resections, hemisections, closing of perforations) and microendodontic (removing of broken instruments from root canals, making patent of occluded root canals) procedures with fidelity and precision which cannot be achieved with traditional methods. It's also possible to record the whole procedure as a digital coded movie. Moreover, we use also the newest ultrasonic system for microsurgical and microendodontic procedures (Multipiezo system, Mectron company) and our specialists can carry out procedures which save the teeth from the previously inevitable extraction.

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Obliterated root canal filled with cement and a broken instrument inside Removing of a broken instrument and removal of obliteration in the root canal by using the ultrasonic system Multipiezo® by MECTRON Patent root canal

Endodontic microsurgery

Should traditional techniques of endodontic treatment fail, we have a complete set of microsurgery procedures, thanks to which it is very often possible to save teeth with very negative prognosis. Specialists in our clinic have appropriate qualifications and equipment to conduct such procedures like, among others: retrograde preparation of root canals with ultrasounds (Mectron system) and as biocompatible materials we use the special MTA materials (Dentsply - USA).


Before treatment


After treatment
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