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Business Fair Play Certificate

In December 2008 INDEXMEDICA Dental Clinic has been awarded the Business Fair Play Certificate.

The idea of the "Business Fair Play" programme is of long-standing tradition. In 2008 already the 11th edition of the programme took place. The organiser of this programme is the Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy, the programme is an affiliate of the Polish Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the programme is to promote ethics in business activities, supporting the development of companies by promoting reliable and fair businesses, improving the image of Polish business. This programme is consistent with the Corporate Social Responsibility regulations. In many voivodships honorary patronage is provided by the representatives of regional authorities.

On the programme work outstanding representatives of the Polish Parliament, the state administration and Government agencies, enterprises and non-governmental organisations. The official announcement of the results takes place during a formal gala (usually in December). Companies which have met the conditions imposed receive the "Business Fair Play" certificates.

The "Business Fair Play" certificate is a proof that INDEXMEDICA is a fair and reliable company. This is one of the most prestigious awards a company can receive.

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